2021 Safe Babies Report

Safe Babies Program Evaluation ReportEvery year, the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing partners with child welfare practitioners at First3Years to evaluate permanency and wellbeing outcomes through the Safe Babies program.

In the 2021 Safe Babies report, we found that infants and toddlers across Texas experienced faster permanency and increased reunification through participation in the program. Birth parents, caregivers, and professionals participating in Safe Babies reported:

  • Strong engagement in co-parenting activities
  • Significantly shorter time to permanence
  • Higher rates of infants and toddlers returned home

To learn more about Safe Babies and key evaluation findings, check out the evaluation report and brief below.

Safe Babies Evaluation Report
Safe Babies Evaluation Brief

If you are having trouble accessing the report, please email Kaitlyn Doerge at kaitlyn.doerge@austin.utexas.edu.