2023 Safe Babies Report

2023 Safe Babies Report CoverIn the 2023 Safe Babies report, we found that the Safe Babies program is making significant progress toward its goal of infants and toddlers reaching permanence with families. Key findings from the report include:

  • Birth parents and caregivers reported strong engagement in co-parenting activities
  • Children in the program experience significantly shorter time to permanence than the comparison group
  • A greater proportion of children in the program return home than the comparison group
  • Stakeholders report strong support for coparenting between birth parents and caregivers

Safe Babies seeks to lessen the long-term impact of abuse and neglect, increase the likelihood of family reunification, and ensure that developmentally appropriate and trauma-informed policies guide the care and transitions of infants and toddlers in the child welfare system.

First3Years contracts with the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing to evaluate the Safe Babies program. Researchers use data from surveys and interviews with birth parents and caregivers who participate in the program, surveys and focus groups with stakeholders who work with the program, and Department of Family and Protective Services administrative data to answer the following research question: Do children who participate in the Safe Babies program have better permanence and wellbeing outcomes compared to children who do not participate in the program?

To learn more about Safe Babies and key evaluation findings, check out the 2023 Safe Babies report and brief below.

Safe Babies Evaluation Report
Safe Babies Evaluation Brief

If you are having trouble accessing the report, please email Kaitlyn Doerge at kaitlyn.doerge@austin.utexas.edu.