Make CPS a place where social workers want to work

bring SWers back!

A Texas Legislative panel has proposed to raise the salary of caseworkers by $12,000. Our Director, Monica Faulkner and Will Francis, the Government Relations Director at the Texas chapter of the National Association of Social Workers write about why social workers avoid working  for CPS.   By Monica Faulkner and Will Francis The majority of Child Protective… Read more »

TXICFW welcomes new research coordinator, Tymothy Belseth


By Kate McKerlie  In late September TXICFW welcomed Tym Belseth to our team. Tym has worked for DFPS as a Youth Specialist for several years and will be joining us as a Research Coordinator on the Texas Youth Permanency Study.  We sat down with Tym to learn a little bit more about him and his work…. Read more »

Exploring greater inclusivity in adolescent sexuality education.

By Helen Hollis Last month CFRI’s Dr. Monica Faulkner, Jeni Brazeal, and Kate McKerlie, presented at the Texas Behavioral Health Institute Conference in Austin, Texas. All three have worked in the the field of adolescent sexual health; as a direct educators and program evaluators. Dr. Faulkner’s workshop, Brave Conversations: Utilizing Trauma-Informed Approaches to Talk to Youth… Read more »

How do we compare? Looking at foster care systems around the world.

By Joseph Barron As researchers and students at The Child and Family Research Institute, we make it a priority to understand the systems that lead to higher quality of life for foster youth who find themselves in a system that is often referred to as broken. In the spirit of  the approaching Independence Day and… Read more »

4 things you need to know about The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

Juvenile Detention is in important social justice issue and it involves so many of the families we work with here at CFRI. Sam LaPres, CFRI Graduate Research Assistant/MSSW Student  will be highlighting the Cradle-to Prison pipeline on our blog this summer. This is the first post in a three part series where will be exploring in… Read more »

Congrats Grads! CFRI chats with our office’s recent UT graduates.

By Kate McKerlie  CFRI would like to take a moment to recognize our recent graduates. CFRI is fortunate to have a fantastic group of passionate and talented individuals who work hard on a daily basis to make the great work we do possible. Congratulations graduates, and good luck in all your future endeavors!  Helen Hollis,  CFRI Graduate… Read more »