Cardea Connections Project Final Results Infographic

The Cardea Connections Project aims to reduce the disproportionate pregnancy and birth rate among “disconnected” youth in Texas by connecting youth to knowledge, awareness and services, and connecting service providers to one another. The project seeks to improve youth’s knowledge and awareness of healthy sexuality through use of evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs at juvenile detention centers, foster care agencies and drug treatment facilities where they are already receiving services.

The Cardea Connections Project is a collaboration among several types of non-profit agencies, each contributing a unique and essential element of the project. Cardea Services, as the coordinating center, facilitates assessments and conducts training, manages evaluation activities, and provides ongoing technical assistance and support to the other partners. Cardea subcontracts with six youth serving agencies with high-need populations to host the evidence-based programs (EBPs) and assure voluntary participation by the youth in their care. Three local education agencies, also under subcontract, will provide expert facilitation of the EBPs, after completion of training conducted by Cardea. Cardea subcontracts with Monica Faulkner, PhD, LMSW at the University of Texas to lead the evaluation activities.

Learn more in the infographic below! The infographic details key findings from the project.

Cardea Connection Project Final Results Infographic