Evidence-Based Does Not Mean One Size Fits All

Evidence-based Does Not Mean One Size Fits All

By Barbara Jefferson, LCSW, Clinical Director with the Center for Child Protection. Important to Know Even with the best EBPs, there is usually a need to tailor the interventions to fit the particular needs of the family being served. The process of tailoring the intervention will vary between families. In order to best meet the… Read more »

How to Find the Right Evidence-based Practice Using EBP Clearinghouses

How To Find The Right Evidence-based Practice Using Ebp Clearinghouses

By Patrick S. Tennant, Ph.D., LMFT Important To Know: EBP clearinghouses and databases exist to help researchers and practitioners sort through the evidence associated with a variety of programs and practices. The best EBP clearinghouses report on degrees of evidence, rather than the false-dichotomy of ‘EBP-or-not’ designations. The Results First Clearinghouse Database by The Pew-MacArthur Results… Read more »

Evidence-based Practice is a Process

Evidence-based Practice Is A Process

By: Monica Faulkner, Ph.D. &  LMSW & Danielle Parrish, Ph.D. Important to Know:   While there are many benefits to the development and use of evidence-based practices, there are significant costs associated with the current systems for establishing and utilizing them. Those costs manifest in a variety of ways but too often lead to clients and… Read more »

Clinician’s Corner 2018: The EBP Issue

Clinician’s Corner 2018: The Ebp Issue

View the 2018 Clinician’s Corner here! Download PDF of our 2018 Clinician’s Corner   here! Dear readers: I am incredibly excited to share our second issue of Clinician’s Corner with you. As a researcher and social work practitioner, I often see a disconnect between the research on practice published in academic journals and what practitioners are… Read more »

ACE’s in Foster Care: Rethinking trauma-informed care

Ace’s In Foster Care: Rethinking Trauma-informed Care

Want to discuss the article more on Facebook Live? Vote for it above!  By: Tymothy Belseth, MA Important to Know: Children in foster care have complex trauma histories and the system itself generates traumatic experiences. Trauma and neglect are proven to have significant repercussions on brain development, which leads to other issues. Trauma Informed Care is… Read more »

How to Create Trauma-informed Systems of Care within Organizations

Ace’s In Foster Care: Rethinking Trauma-informed Care

Want to discuss this article more on Facebook Live? Vote for it above!  Join us for the upcoming Facebook Live Session to discuss this article with the author!  By Seanna Crosbie, LCSW Important to Know: Organizations should… Adopt universal trauma screening for clients. Advocate for “no seclusion/ no restraint” policies Use trauma-informed indicators that include… Read more »