#CWConf18 Media Toolkit

Please use this Media Toolkit to promote the 2018 UT Child Welfare Conference! This kit provides:

  • Key information about the conference
  • Email templates
  • Social media tools
  • Conference online and print images
  • For Presenters: Promote your own work on our blog! 

If you have any questions about conference promotions please email our Communications Coordinator, Katelynmckerlie@austin.utexas.edu



A person’s definition of home and love comes from their own experiences. As professionals in the Child Welfare field, we recognize that when children enter the foster care system they are often caught between two worlds. As a child welfare practitioner, researcher or advocate, it is essential that we learn more about family experiences and acknowledge the importance of all people involved in the process, including – Foster Parents, Biological Parents, Caseworkers, Child Advocates, etc. This is why we are focusing on building strong foundations for ALL families in child welfare at the 2018 UT Child Welfare Conference hosted by Texas Institute of Child and Family Wellbeing.

What to expect at the UT Child Welfare Conference: 

Who Attends: For the past 5 years, 150-200 local child welfare practitioners, researchers, and advocates join us for our annual conference.

What: The conference offers high-quality professional development workshops throughout the day after the conference keynote session.

When: Friday, November 9th, 2018, 8-4pm

Where: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 4801 La Crosse Ave. Austin TX, 78739

CEUs: 6.75 for social workers

Price: Early Bird: $50 | After October 26th: $65

For information on student scholarships and volunteer opportunities please contact Shannon Mann-Butler at shannon.mann@austin.utexas.edu



Dear [Colleagues or Insert Name],

I am pleased to share some information about the 2018 UT Child Welfare Conference at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center on November 9th, 2018 from 8-4pm. This full-day event brings together child welfare professionals for learning and networking opportunities. Central Texas child welfare practitioners, advocates, and researchers can receive up to 6.75 Continuing Education Credits for attending the entire day!

This year’s conference theme is All Roads Lead to Home: Building strong foundations for ALL families in child welfare. We believe that in every child’s journey, there are opportunities for creating authentic relationships. As a child welfare practitioner, researcher or advocate, it is essential that we learn more about family experiences and acknowledge the importance and the potential of ALL people involved in a child’s life, including – Foster Parents, Biological Parents, Caseworkers, Child Advocates, etc.

#CWConf18 features a keynote session; 3 workshop sessions; and self-care stations during lunch. To find out more about the conference and to register, visit the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing website: https://bit.ly/2FoN54V

For Presenters:

[Insert co-presenter names] and I are [trainers/presenters] at a session entitled, [Insert session title]. This [training/session] focuses on [insert short description of presentation/training].

I hope to see you there!


[Your name and information]

(Feel free to add theCWConf18 flyer in your email as an attachment.)



We invite you to share information about the conference and your involvement by following our social networks, posting a note about your presentation, and sharing using the #CWConf18 tag!

Conference Hashtag: #CWConf18

TXICFW Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TXICFW

TXICFW Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TXICFW


Here are some example social media posts to help get you started:


  • I’m presenting about _______ at #CWconf18! Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2FoN54V
  • In every child’s life, there are opportunities for #authenticrelationships Join me at #CWConf18 to learn how to encourage these opportunities https://bit.ly/2FoN54V
  • Are you a child welfare practitioner and advocate? Join your colleagues at #CWConf18 on Nov 9th, #ATX https://bit.ly/2FoN54V
  • Child welfare practitioners, advocates & researchers meet in #ATX to build foundations for ALL families in child welfare. #CWConf18 https://bit.ly/2FoN54V
  • Join me at #CWConf18, A great child welfare professional development and networking opportunity in #ATX! 6.75 CEUs available https://bit.ly/2FoN54V


Tips for social media posts:

  1. If creating your own original post, please use the conference hashtag #CWConf18 and include an image, like the ones included in this toolkit.
  2. Include a link to our Eventbrite registration page, website or Facebook event page to direct people.
  3. Tell people why you are promoting or attending (i.e. I believe in the work, mission, I’m looking forward to this particular session) or give them a call to action- “check out this opportunity..” “Join me at #CWConf18…”
  4. Tag us (TXICFW) and anyone else you mention (presenters, organizations) in your post.


Conference Images:

If you would like higher quality images email: Katelynmckerlie@austin.utexas.edu or preferably, look for them on our social media channels to share!


Available Images:

Facebook image

Twitter image


CWConf18 Flyer




 Write a blog for #CWConf18

TXICFW is looking for opportunities to promote the conference and the wonderful presentations and speakers who are involved this year. We are inviting all presenters and speakers to write a short article/blog about your session. The blog should be different from the abstract you submitted in that it should entice people to attend your session, while being informative enough to stand on its own – it should also not be an obvious advertisement. Your blog or interview may cover something topical on the issue of your presentation and give the reader/viewer a takeaway from it. This is intended to be an interactive and easy way to raise awareness of your work and promote your participation in 2018 UT Child Welfare Conference. Blogs will be posted to TXICFW website Participation in is completely optional for presenters/speakers but we highly encourage it. TXICFW Communications Coordinator, Kate McKerlie will be contacting all conference presenters and speakers to coordinate this opportunity.


Write a blog!  

Style and format

The blog is all about personal perspectives that, by shining a light on complex issues, make the work in the child welfare field more understandable. The blog increases the amount of regular, good quality, original material that can be promoted through other channels, particularly social media.

  • Posts should be no more than 500-700 words, written in the first person, by a single author.
  • The tone should be professional but conversational, anecdotal and candid.
  • Include at least one photo that illustrates the topic being discussed – photos of people are engaging; static images of workshops or meetings are not.
  • The content should not be self-promotional or overtly promotional of a company or product – posts should be issues and ideas led, not read like publicity material or advertising.
  • Blog entries linked to a web story or press release posted on another website must differentiate by providing a different angle or perspective.


Blog Etiquette and sign-off

Blogs are intended to be personal, but it is still a TXICFW channel and should reflect the public standards the organization expects of its staff and volunteers. Once the blog is posted, and promoted on social media, it can be seen by anyone and forwarded to anyone. Write only what you would feel comfortable having quoted back to you in public. Potentially contentious issues should be discussed and approved beforehand. Final sign off for publication resides with the TXICFW Communications Coordinator.


Tips for a successful blog

  • Write on subjects you’re passionate about or for which you have something new and interesting to say.
  • Write informally and be prepared to engage in a ‘conversation’ if people comment on your post.
  • Make sure there is a narrative flow to your post and that you reach a conclusion or key message.
  • A strong, punchy but meaningful title will connect better with people.
  • Include video, infographics and other multimedia.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality – people expect your personal opinion even if they don’t agree.
  • Include links to other web content and embed them into the text.
  • Make use of subheadings to structure the narrative. It also facilitates the reader to scan the text.
  • Keep in mind that you’re writing for a wide audience, avoid colloquial language and over-complex sentence structure – research shows that any sentence over 8 words becomes increasingly less understandable on first reading.
  • Promote your blog through relevant channels, organizational and personal – people can’t read it if they don’t know about it.