Psychoanalysis + Social Work Through History

References Adkins. T., Fonagy, P. & Lutyen, P. (2018). Development and preliminary evaluation of Family Minds: A mentalization-based psychoeducation program for foster parents. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 27(8), 2519-2532. González, M.J. & Gelman, C.R. (2015). Clinical social work practice in the twenty-first century: A changing landscape. Clinical Social Work Journal, 43(3), 257. Fonagy, P.,… Read more »

The Road to College: Texas Foster Youth & Post Secondary Education

In 2017, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and Department of Family and Protective Services exchanged data for the first time on the outcomes in higher education of youth formerly in foster care. The Postsecondary Workgroup of the Foster Care & Education Committee of the Supreme Court of Texas Permanent Judicial Commission on Children,… Read more »

Texas Child Maltreatment Prevention Findings

An infographic detailing the major finding from Impact of Child Maltreatment Prevention Programs in Texas: A retrospective analysis report.                      

Infographic: Child Maltreatment Prevention in Texas

HOPES infographic

Child Maltreatment Prevention in Texas Infographic This infographic provides recommendations based on TXICFW’s evaluation of the HOPES program for the 2015 fiscal year. The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach, including interviews with 52 parents, 116 program staff members, and 42 coalition/community members, as well as participant data and online survey responses from 242 individuals.  In our… Read more »