Child Care Provider Well-being: Relationship Between Mental Health and Work

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dnika Travis Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Monica Faulkner Sponsor: Hogg Foundation for Mental Health The purpose of this study is to examine child care providers’ help seeking behaviors and barriers to mental health treatment.  There are almost 25,000 childcare providers in Texas serving over one million children a year (DFPS).  Given the numbers… Read more »

Permanency Conversations with Children

Permanency Conversations with children

This training was developed to increase knowledge & skills that enable caseworkers to have developmentally-appropriate conversations with children about permanency, with the goal of enhancing children’s sense of well-being & safety.   TXICFW developed this training in 2014 for The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.

Visitation Matters

visitation matters

This curriculum is designed to support those providing direct serves to children in placement due to abuse and neglect.  It can successfully support the development of those supervising parent/child visits, private and public foster care development workers, private and public child welfare case managers and caseworker.  This training may also be helpful in educating those supporting a… Read more »