Clinician’s Corner

Clinician’s Corner

2022 Clinician’s Corner

The 2022 edition covers tips for encouraging, navigating, and facilitating difficult conversations—conversations that need to happen but never do, or ones that spark resistance or discomfort. 

VOICES: Holding Space for Difficult Conversations

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2020 Clinician’s Corner 

The third installment examined research and practice related to integrating social justice into our everyday actions.

Everyday Justice: Cultivating Intentional Connection

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2018 Clinician’s Corner

The second edition focused on evidence-based practice (EBP), covering the basics of these practices, reservations about their use, and more.

The EBP Issue: A Letter From Our Director

Evidence-based Practice is a Process

How to Find the Right Evidence-based Practice Using EBP Clearinghouses

Evidence-Based Does Not Mean One Size Fits All

Heart Work and Head Work: A Conversation About Relationships, Self-Awareness, and Evidence Based Practice

How to Make Effective Cultural Adaptations to Evidence-based Interventions

“Making it their own”: Supervising the Implementation of EBPs in Clinical Practice

How to Change the World One EBP at a Time: A Clinical Researcher’s Journey to Evidence

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2017 Clinician’s Corner

In the first edition of Clinician’s Corner, our researchers explored how to translate information about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) into social work practice.

The ACEs Issue: A Letter from Our Director

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study: The evidence behind what we know

How to Create Trauma-informed Systems of Care within Organizations

Social Workers Can Collaborate with Physicians to Create ACEs-informed Healthcare

How to Administer a Trauma Screening Using the ACEs Questionnaire

ACE’s in Foster Care: Rethinking trauma-informed care