Integrating ACE-informed care into medical practice: A needs assessment of healthcare providers in the Austin area.

The purpose of this study is three-fold:

  • Assess the familiarity and experience of healthcare providers with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) informed care.
  • Assess the value and feasibility of implementing ACE-informed care.
  • Assess the comfort and confidence of healthcare providers exploring ACEs with patients and their families.

TXICFW, and members of the PTIRCC collaboration are conducting in-person interviews and administering online surveys to health care providers who treat children including pediatric, and freestanding emergency rooms in the Austin and surrounding communities.

This project is made possible through a collaboration with The Pediatric Trauma-Informed Research & Care Collaboration

Students working on this project:

Shannon Malone
Marian Morris
Catherine LaBenz
Peter Dell
Heather Van Diest


Dr. Heather Larkin
Dr. Amanda Barczyk
Dr. Karla Lawson