Texas Youth Permanency Study

Texas Youth Permanency Study

The Texas Youth Permanency Study will examine post-permanency experiences and long-term developmental outcomes of older youth in foster care. Permanency is a multi-dimensional concept describing who has legal responsibility for a child, who is the primary long-term caregiver for the child, where the child considers his or her home and who provides a sense of felt security for that child. Permanency outcomes are discrete outcomes including adoption, reunification and conservatorship. Currently, there are things we do not know including what happens when older youth are adopted from foster care, what happens when older youth return home and how the long term outcomes of adopted and reunified youth compare to youth who age out of foster care.

Research Questions:

  1. How do foster care experiences shape outcomes in emerging adulthood?
  2. To what extent do older youth who are
      1. Adopted from foster care;
      2.  Returned to their family of origin; or
      3. Remain in permanent managing conservatorship

    ….Maintain stable and nurturing connections in emerging adulthood?

  3. How do stable and nurturing connections/relationships impact developmental outcomes during emerging adulthood?

Project Objectives:

  • Design services to enhance relational & physical permanency for youth
  • Honor youth voice and choice related to legal permanency
  • Use evidence to guide funding of what works for youth
  • Design policies to support the establishment of relational permanency
  • Fund best options for physical permanency

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