Summer is here! CFRI staff share their favorite things to do in Austin, TX.

By Helen Hollis

Summer is here! Our students and staff at CFRI sure do like to have fun! We asked around to learn more about what our team likes to do in Austin in the summer. Here’s what they said:

Anayeli Marcos: “My favorite thing to do during the summer is to take walks/runs around the trails of Lady Bird Lake and take pictures of the city of Austin during sunsets. It’s amazing how the same picture can look so different at different times of the day! It is also very relaxing and a great way to relax after a long day.”

photo credit: Anayeli Marcos

Tina Adkins: “For me – It’s too hot to do much!! But I LOVE to swim or hang out at Deep Eddy Pool…or spend time watching movies in a cold theater 😉  I also try to travel to cooler climates – In July I will be going to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some hiking and camping.”

Shannon Mann: “Gene and I love to do backyard movie nights with a fire and make s’mores!  I am not a camper so this is the closest to camping that I will get (right by the indoor plumbing!)”

Helen Hollis: “In the summer after a long, hot day at the pool I love to get Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs to cool off. If I still have energy, I always enjoy a hike up to watch the sunset from the 360 bridge overlook or Mt. Bonnell.”

photo credit: Helen Hollis

Joseph Barron: “Me and my wife enjoy going to an ice cream store on Burnet called Lick. It is made with natural ingredients and has gluten-free options. Very unique flavors.”

Beth Gerlach: “I love to visit the Faulk – Central Austin Public Library. It is downtown, so it does not get quite as much traffic as the neighborhood libraries, especially in the huge children’s section! The librarians are super helpful, they always have some type of fun scavenger hunt and the giant selection means that they almost always have the books we are looking for and new ones to discover. It is a wonderful place to spend a quiet (and cool) afternoon.”

Kate McKerlie: “My favorite two things to do in the summer are to go two stepping at The White Horse or Broken Spoke and swimming. The best places to go two stepping in this town are not the most…ventilated, so making a trip to cool off, and swim some laps at Barton Springs, Deep Eddy (conveniently right down the block from our office) or the Greenbelt is very much needed and enjoyed!”

photo credit: Kate McKerlie

Daniela Laguado:  “I love going on picnics with my friends to watch the sunset, and I also love trying new recipes to cook since I have more free time than I do during the semester.”

Monica Faulkner: “When I have little energy, but my kids have a ton, we find a splash pad. They are free and for little ones who aren’t great swimmers, it is less hands on for moms. I use this website all the time for splash pad info and other fun stuff:”

photo credit: Monica Faulkner

Erica Sheley: “I really enjoy going to different farmer’s markets around the city. I have started visiting the Mueller Farmer’s Market on Sundays with my dog, and love finding interesting fruits and vegetables that I don’t see in the grocery store. Last week I found shishito peppers- delicious!”

Jeni Brazeal: “My favorite thing to do over the summer is to explore the natural swimming holes throughout the Hill Country. It helps give a break from the heat and can be a great, mindful way to connect with nature. My favorite spots are Twin Falls, the San Marcos River, and Hamilton Pool, but I love venturing to new spots or spots I haven’t been to in a while too.”

photo credit: Jeni Brazeal