National Angels Outcome Evaluation Report

At its core, National Angels works toward supporting foster families by establish wellbeing and resilience for children and caregivers. The Love Box Program provides a sense of community and support for foster and kinship caregivers through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship. The Dare to Dream Program matches volunteers with youth in foster care to help guide them on their journey towards self-sufficiency and successful independence.

National Angels contracted with TXICFW to conduct a program evaluation of how their Love Box and Dare to Dream programs are supporting foster families at the Austin, Texas chapter. The evaluation was conducted in 2022 to take a “snapshot” of how participants are currently doing in terms of short-term and intermediate outcomes.

Our research has found that Angel’s programming:

  • Results in high rates of satisfaction among caregivers and volunteers
  • Helps generate social capital for caregivers
  • Increases youth confidence and improves relationships through the Dare to Dream mentoring program


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