Texas Higher Education Foster Care Liaisons Information & Reference Guide and Video

Texas Higher Education Foster Care Liaisons Information & Reference Guide And VideoResearch shows that although over 80% of youth in foster care report wanting to go to college, only 2–9% who attend college receive a bachelor’s degree. In 2015, the Texas Education Code was amended to require all  Texas public institutions of higher education to appoint liaisons. The higher education foster care liaison serves a critical role in bridging the gap between the students who want to pursue higher education and those who have the support needed to complete their degree. Dr. Monica Faulkner co-chaired a Texas Children’s Commission workgroup to develop a guide of resources for these liaisons. The guide includes in-depth information for liaisons who have advocated for and with foster care alumni for many years. The guide also provides guidance for new liaisons who are interested in developing a stronger support network at their institution. With additional information, guidance, and support, the higher education foster care liaisons can help students not only complete their degrees, but also thrive while pursuing higher education.

Dr. Faulkner also contributed to the guide by writing the section on “Trauma-informed Practices” and asked TXICFW Communications Coordinator, Kate McKerlie, to produce a video promoting the guide.

You can access the full guide here. Please share this guide with faculty and staff in Texas higher education and check out the promo video below!