Child Care Workforce

TXICFW is committed to gather and report on the rates charged to the general public (or the “market rate”) for child care in each of the 28 local workforce development areas (LWDAs) of Texas).  We provide reports to the Texas Workforce Commission and Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs) to assess the cost of child care services available in local workforce development areas. TXICFW believes providing market rate data on child care services throughout Texas will create better services and opportunities for families to acquire the child care needed to succeed. Learn more about work to support the Child Care Workforce:

Current Projects

Child Care Market Rate and Quality Care Survey

Child Care Market Rate And Quality Care Survey

The Texas Child Care Survey is a project carried out by the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing and the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources at The University of Texas at Austin under contract with the Texas Workforce Commission. The survey has two sections: the Texas Child Care Market Rate… Read more »

Completed Projects

Institute of Higher Education Capacity and Effectiveness Survey

Principal Investigators: Heath Price (RMC) Research Coordinator: Dr. Monica Faulkner Sponsor: Texas Early Learning Council (TELC) Purpose: To assess the effectiveness of Texas’s institutes of higher education’s (IHE) capacity to successfully educate the early childhood workforce. Data was best collected from administrators at IHEs and from teachers and care providers with degrees or certifications from… Read more »

Early Childhood Workforce Professional Study

Principal Investigators: Dr. Monica Faulkner, Dr. Dnika Travis, & Dr. Daniel Schroeder Sponsor: Texas Early Learning Council (TELC) Purpose: To conduct a survey to provide reliable and current estimates of compensation and retention rates of child care workers in Texas.

Child Care Provider Well-being: Relationship Between Mental Health and Work

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dnika Travis Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Monica Faulkner Sponsor: Hogg Foundation for Mental Health The purpose of this study is to examine child care providers’ help seeking behaviors and barriers to mental health treatment.  There are almost 25,000 childcare providers in Texas serving over one million children a year (DFPS).  Given the numbers… Read more »