TXICFW welcomes new research coordinator, Tymothy Belseth

Txicfw Welcomes New Research Coordinator, Tymothy BelsethBy Kate McKerlie 

In late September TXICFW welcomed Tymothy Belseth to our team. Tym has worked for DFPS as a Youth Specialist for several years and will be joining us as a Research Coordinator on the Texas Youth Permanency Study.  We sat down with Tym to learn a little bit more about him and his work.

What excites or interests you most about your work?

The fact that there is so much to be explored and so much potential to do good still on the horizon. Although some consider foster care to be a perpetually dysfunctional system, I think there is a great deal of improvements that can be made and a tremendous amount of lives to be influenced in a positive way.

What is something you hope to achieve in your career?

I hope to continue driving conversations to improve the foster care experience for kids living in the system. I also hope that one day we have a child welfare system that is more informed and better equipped to work with families and children who come into contact with it.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

Learning about the natural world and exploring new areas are my favorite things to do. I enjoy taking road trips, camping, and visiting State and National Parks. I often will visit the same places, but at different times of the year to get the full experience. Of course, I also enjoy the more modern luxuries of life and am a PC gaming enthusiast.

TXICFW is so happy to have Tym join our team! Read more about Tym’s work at his staff profile, and check out this recent interview he did on former foster youth and college enrollment.