Current Projects

Safe Babies Program Evaluation

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Project Overview First3Years is contracting with the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing (TXICFW) to evaluate Safe Babies, a program designed to improve outcomes for infants and toddlers in… Read more »

Child Care Studies

The Texas Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing (TXICFW) contracts with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to conduct two studies annually: the Texas Child Care Market Rate Study and the… Read more »

Completed Projects

Texas Youth Permanency Study

Texas Youth Permanency Study

The Texas Youth Permanency Study (TYPS) examines the long-term outcomes and opportunities of youth in the Texas Foster Care System. Specifically, the study seeks to understand the quality of relationships… Read more »

Project HOPES Evaluation

Project Hopes Evaluation

Understanding the impact of community-based child maltreatment prevention. The Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing (TXICFW) at the University of Texas at Austin is collaborating with the Texas Department of Family… Read more »

Hispanic Parent Study

Researchers at the School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin are conducting a study to understand how cultural values influence parenting within Hispanic families. Researchers leading this study include… Read more »

Undocumented Latino Families

TXICFW is working to strengthen and formalize UT School of Social Work’s response to recent waves of migrants seeking asylum, particularly from the “Northern Triangle” countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and… Read more »