Welcome to Aisol Ostos, our new Operations Director!

Aisol Ostos Cropped HeadshotWe recently caught up with Aisol Ostos, one of our newest TXICFW team members, to learn a bit more about her! Aisol is the new Operations Director and oversees TXICFW’s financial operations while ensuring compliance between state, federal, and university policy as it relates to the Institute’s research projects. We are so excited to have her on the team!

Hi Aisol! Tell us a little bit about what excites you or interests you most about the work you do?

I love studying current systems and finding areas for improvement. I believe that we as individuals need constructive feedback to improve our craft and in turn so do our processes. Streamlining our work structure not only benefits the user but causes a ripple effect in other areas of our work. There is always room for improvement and if there a need that a solution doesn’t exist for, I open my arms to this as it’s an opportunity to create.

What is something you hope to achieve in your career?

My goal is to help others understand. Many times, we feel automated and follow a process because we are told to without ever questioning the why behind it. By understanding its background, we are able to better understand why certain systems exist and how we might be able to simplify the process.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

I love reading, cooking, and organizing. I’m most definitely a Marie Kondo student and always question whether something will bring me joy or not. I also enjoy watching all the films nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture category and making my own predictions each year.

To learn more about Aisol, visit her staff profile.