Coffee Breaks with TXICFW: Are teenage foster youth too old to be adopted?

Coffee Breaks With Txicfw: Are Teenage Foster Youth Too Old To Be Adopted?

Many teenage youth face a number of issues growing up in the foster care system. It is well known that aging-out of foster care is associated with a number of negative outcomes. In recent years, child welfare systems have increased efforts to promote permanency for older kids through adoption. Marcus Coleman and Tym Belseth will discuss issues that teenage foster youth face and will elaborate on what the adoption process is like for teenagers in foster care.


Join us for a live session on June  6th   from 10-10:30 am on our Facebook page!


About Our Guest:

Coffee Breaks With Txicfw: Are Teenage Foster Youth Too Old To Be Adopted?Marcus Coleman is the Community Liaison Intern at the Amala Foundation. Marcus spent several years in Child Protective Services and believes his experiences, while only a component of his identity, greatly shaped him into the individual he is today. An open-minded, easy going guy that gets along with most people, Marcus attributes these traits to his experience in CPS.  On a daily basis, he was exposed to all sorts of different people with different personalities, identities, and opinions. Now, Marcus is looking forward to using his experiences to be an inspiration to others. You can learn more about Marcus here.

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