At the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing (TXICFW), we pursue research collaborations that help families and the professionals who serve them thrive in our community and beyond.

Check out the Texas-based research collaborations TXICFW staff actively participate in by serving on their boards and committees, volunteering time and providing expertise:

Within The Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Sue Fairbanks Lecture Series (Tina Adkins)
Child Welfare Education Committee (Monica Faulkner)
Institutes Committee (Monica Faulkner, Beth Gerlach)
Executive Committee (Monica Faulkner, former research representative)

Within The University of Texas at Austin
Horns Helping Horns (Shannon Mann-Butler, Tymothy Belseth)
Rooted UT (Monica Faulkner, Monica Romo)

Within Texas
Texas Children’s Commission (Monica Faulkner, data committee and Tymothy Belseth, training committee)
Travis County Children’s Protective Services Board (Beth Gerlach, past member)
South Texas Trauma-informed Care Consortium
Education Reach for Texas (Monica Faulkner, board member)
Foster Community Resource Group (Samantha Zuniga Thompson, member)
Immigrant Services Network of Austin (Monica Romo, steering committee member)
Central American Minors Working Group (Monica Romo, member)
Texas Network of Youth Services (Shannon Mann-Butler, member)
Mission Capital (TXICFW team)
Austin College Access Network (Shannon Mann-Butler, E3 Alliance member)
Texas School Social Work Network (Beth Gerlach)

Healthy Teen Network (Monica Faulkner, board member)
Thrivology (Monica Faulkner, research alliance member)
Activate Collective (Monica Faulkner and Barbara Ball, research alliance members)
Center on Immigration and Child Welfare (Monica Faulkner, research advisory group)
Research to Policy Collaboration (Monica Faulkner, scholar)
FosterClub (Tymothy Belseth, board member)
National Association of Social Workers (various TXICFW team members)