Current Available Positions:

The Texas Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing is currently hiring for a Fatherhood Engagement Specialist. This is a participatory action research project where the Fatherhood Engagement Specialist will collaborate with interested 2-3 Texas public schools (elementary and middle schools) who have had father engagement programming. The Specialist will facilitate community stakeholder meetings with fathers, parents, and school staff in order to better understand fatherhood engagement and explore adaptations to Strong Fathers Strong Families programming. The goal is to help schools identify strategies that fit their needs and culture to improve father engagement, and build these strategies into existing Strong Fathers programming.

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Volunteer/Internship Requests

The Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing receives many requests from students interested in volunteer opportunities for specific projects.  We do not have the capacity to take volunteers and interns on a regular basis but do have some instances where we can provide unpaid learning opportunities to students interested in delving more into social work research. If you would like to be considered for volunteer and internship opportunities as they arise, please fill out the form here:

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