Girasol’s 2 Year Report

Girasol reportGirasol Texas launched in September of 2018 after two years of volunteer work with immigrants and the professionals who serve them. In the 2-year Girasol Texas report, learn what we have accomplished and what’s on the horizon at the intersection of immigration and mental health.

In 2019, nearly 1 million migrants crossed the Texas-Mexico border. Most were families seeking asylum. Texas houses two of the nation’s three family detention centers. Girasol is uniquely positioned to meet families where they are while also supporting the programs and professionals already doing this work.

Since 2017, Girasol has been training professionals to support the wellbeing of immigrant families. These professionals include attorneys, social service providers, and those working at helping organizations. Girasol has trained and consulted to improve trauma-informed care, the efficacy of interdisciplinary teams, and access to resources. We aim to create a global community of trauma-informed professionals who can address the complex mental health needs of immigrant families.

Girasol’s Mental Health Collaborative is a group of mental health professionals working on immigration asylum cases. Through a contract with RAICES, Girasol provides training on mental health assessments for immigration cases. Girasol helps the Collaborative by offering one-on-one and group support.

The Social Work Detention Response Team helps social work students support immigrant families. The team also collaborates to document the mental health impacts of immigrant detention. Additionally, the team advocates to end the detention of immigrants.