Undocumented Latino Families

TXICFW is working to strengthen and formalize UT School of Social Work’s response to recent waves of migrants seeking asylum, particularly from the “Northern Triangle” countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Given that Texas has a large number of immigration detention facilities, including two facilities that house women and children, social workers have been called upon to assist attorneys by completing psychosocial evaluations. Informal networks have developed of social work professional responding to requests by attorneys. In order to most effectively help those in detention facilities the school of social work is organizing resources for trauma survivors in detention and their attorneys, streamlining evaluation requests and engaging our students in advocacy learning opportunities.

Project Objectives:

  • We need to increase social work response to immigrant detention.
  • Increase number of women in detention centers receiving psychosocial evaluations
  • We need to increase knowledge of trauma, the impact of trauma and healing.
  • We want to provide students with opportunities for advocacy learning.


in 2015, this team sought to understand the challenges of parenting in the context of detention and deportation risk. Researchers conducted and recorded interviews with 40 undocumented parents, 20 in Houston and 20 in Austin, during the summer of 2012. See the brief below to learn more about what they found.


Jodi Berger Cardoso,

Monica Faulkner, &

Jennifer Scott

In collaboration with: