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Sustaining Delight: Supporting Young Children, Caregivers & Providers Through Challenging Times

May 2 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sustaining Delight: Supporting Young Children, Caregivers & Providers Th...

This session is designed for teachers, providers and other caregivers working with infants, young children, and their families, and will focus on developmentally guided strategies to support children, teachers and parents during stressful times. A simple “ABC” (Affect, Be Empowering & Convey Culture) approach will be introduced to use as a structure for early educators in creating or selecting approaches to meet the unique needs of the children and families.


Dr. Kristie Brandt is an internationally known teacher, clinician, and consultant, specializing in infant and early childhood mental health, trauma, and reflective supervision. In 2002, she founded what is now the 15-month U.C. Davis CPE Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship that has trained over 600 Fellows from around the world. She was the Chief of Public Health in Napa County, CA and retired after 25 years of public service. While there, she developed the Therapeutic Child Care Center for children 0-5, and in the process became acquainted with Dr. Bruce Perry and his NMT work. She has studied, clinically implemented, and developed early childhood and reflective practice applications using Perry’s concepts for over 25 years. Dr. Brandt also worked closely with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, and taught with him globally for over two decades on Touchpoints and child development. She is lead editor of the book “Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health: Core Concepts & Clinical Practice”, author of the book “Facilitating the Reflective Process: An Introductory Workbook,” and has authored or co-authored numerous journal articles and chapters.


1. Describe how safety and protection help children regulate;

2. Explain why the caregiver’s affect is a powerful predictor of a child’s response to a stressful event;

3. Create empowering strategies for young children facing challenging circumstances;

4. Be able to describe the impact of early relationships and other early experiences on lifelong well-being;

5. Be able to describe the “Developmental Agenda” in childhood and how this can both enhance the child’s development, but also put them at risk for maltreatment;

6. Understand ways to therapeutically support the child-parent (or other caregiver) relationship and meet the developmental needs of children and their caregivers; and,

7. Understanding how delight and reward impacts teachers, providers and caregivers, and strategies to support caring adults in self-care and refueling.

Presenter: Dr. Kristie Brandt, NP, CNM, MS, DNP – Director of Parent-Infant & Child Institute

2.5 CEUs will be offered for attending the entire presentation

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