Sample Survey Questions for Homes

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Market Rate and Cost of Quality  Survey Questions

The following questions will be asked to all providers participating in the Market Rate and Cost of Quality Surveys:

Hours of Operation
• What are your hours of operation, M-F?
• What are your hours of operation on Saturday and Sunday, if any?
• Do you offer drop-in care?
• How many days a year do you close for holidays? For personal vacation?

Enrollment and Rates
• How many children are enrolled in your child care home?
• How many children received subsidized care through CSS?
• How old is each child? Is that child a part of a sibling set?
• What time does each child arrive and leave, each day?
• How much do you charge for each child? For subsidized children, what are the parent co-pays for each child?
• How must is the CCS rate for each child?

Additional Charges
• Do you have a one-time registration fee? Yearly or semester fees? If so, how much?
• Do you charge an activity/supply fee? If so, how much?
• Do you provide regular transportation?
• Do you currently have a waitlist for any age groups?

Administrative Information
• Are you non-profit?
• Does your child care home participate in the federal Child Care Food Program?
• Are you associated with a church or religious organization?
• Is your home nationally accredited? If yes, by whom?
• Is your service certified as a Texas Rising Star provider? If yes, how many stars do you have?
• Does your home have access to broadband internet?

Child Care Cost of Quality Survey Questions Only

The following questions will only be asked to providers participating in the Child Care Cost of Quality Survey:

Cost of Accreditation
• What is your estimated annual fee to maintain your home’s national accreditation?

• How many years of experience do you (the director) have working in childcare or early childhood education?
• What is your highest level of education?
• Do you have a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential?
• Do you take care of your own children as well as the children of others?

Pay Rates and Benefits
• If you were offered another job that required you to close your childcare home, what is the minimum hourly wage that you would accept?
• Approximately how much of your household income last year came from your work taking care of children?

• How many people regularly help you provide childcare? How many are paid?
• What is your helper’s highest degree of education? Do they have a CDA?
• How many years of experience does your helper have?
• How much do you pay your helper?
• Do you offer you helper free or reduced cost child care?
• How many children do you take care of when you have a helper? What about when it’s just you alone?
• In the past 12 months, did your home have any training expenses (e.g., conference or workshop fees, onsite training fees, online training fees, travel costs, etc)?

Curriculum and Assessment
• Do you use a curriculum or prepared set of activities? Where do you obtain it?
• Do you use formal assessment to measure children’s developmental progress? If not, do you use informal assessments to measure children’s developmental progress?

• How much time do you spend each week planning children’s activities?

• Does your home provide free meals and snacks? How many snacks per day? How many meals per day?