Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Understanding the Community Service Response & Needs in Texas

Parenting and family-centered services are emerging areas of support available in domestic violence agencies. However more information is needed about the help-seeking, support needs, and service access and experience of Texas children and adolescents exposed to domestic violence.

In collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch Health Center for Violence PreventionTexas Council on Family Violence and Texas Alliance for Children and Family Services, the primary aim of this project seeks to understand the landscape of children’s services in domestic violence agencies in Texas. A secondary aim is to understand the needs and availability of supports for children exposed to domestic violence and their adult survivor parents in child-focused agencies such as Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and CASAs. The project is a programmatic assessment of direct services for children exposed to domestic violence in Texas domestic violence and children service agencies. The evaluative assessment will explore service availability, needs and experiences to enhance current practices.

The project will also help to guide development and implementation of new services for children exposed to domestic violence. Specifically, the project team will examine the state of domestic violence services for children, adolescents and families in Texas by:

  1. Scanning available services for children exposed to domestic violence,
  2. Identifying best and/or innovative practices,
  3. Recommending capacity planning and program improvements; and
  4. Increasing understanding of children’s experiences and needs.