Todos Juntos Learning Center – Mi Familia & Me Program Evaluation

Todos Project Overview

Mi Familia & Me is a parenting program aimed at helping English Language Learner families in Central Texas. Over nine months, the dual-generation education program offers a family engagement curriculum, concurrent activities with children, and experiential activities.

Todos Juntos contracted with the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing to evaluate the program. Researchers used previously collected survey data and conducted focus groups with participants. The study aimed to determine whether the program improved cross-cultural parenting knowledge, confidence, and self-efficacy. Findings suggest program participants increase their confidence, knowledge, and skills as parents. In addition, findings show the program helped participants find a sense of community allowing them to advocate for themselves and their children.

Background of Mi Familia & Me

Mi Familia & Me is a parenting program offered to individuals enrolled at the Todos Juntos Learning Center. This dual-generation education program targets English Language Learner families in Central Texas. The Mi Familia & Me program seeks to empower parents to build solid social, emotional, and educational foundations for their children. Primary participants in the program are mothers who have children enrolled in the early childhood education (ECE) program at Todos Juntos. However, the program is also open to fathers.

The program has one full-time staff member who works with parents in a group setting for two hours each week. After group work with the parents, staff lead a one-hour activity with the children. The program runs for nine months and approximately 30 parents enroll in the program annually. Mi Familia & Me uses a core curriculum called Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors (AP/OD). The fall semester includes the 10-week curriculum with concurrent activities with children. Subsequently, the spring semester deepens understanding of initial concepts with experiential activities and expert guest speakers.

TXICFW conducted a mixed-methods program evaluation. The evaluation included quantitative data collected by Todos Juntos and qualitative data from focus groups conducted by TXCIFW. Findings from both quantitative and qualitative data are presented in the evaluation. Additionally, the evaluation includes recommendations for future evaluation and ongoing qualitative improvement for the program.