Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project

Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project

Project Overview

The Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing has been contracted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to develop an evaluation plan for the Strong Fathers Strong Families program, a father engagement program implemented at schools throughout the country as well as internationally.

Strong Fathers Strong Families have a variety of events within their program, but this project will focus on are the single-day short events implemented at schools that are:

  • Bring Your Dad to School Day
  • Subject specific events (math, science, and reading) that occur in the morning before school or evening after school

TXICFW is conducting research with a selection of schools who are planning on implementing Strong Fathers Strong Families programs or who have already implemented programming at schools.

Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project

Research Activities

To develop an evaluation plan for this project, TXICFW will conduct the following research activities:

  1. Conduct literature review of father engagement in child’s education
  2. Develop a Logic Model
  3. Conduct interviews with fathers, teachers, school administrators, and PTA leadership representative to understand the impacts of programming, father engagement, and school environment.


Process Evaluation Report

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