Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project

Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project
Project Overview:

The Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing has been contracted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to develop an evaluation plan for the Strong Fathers Strong Families program, a father engagement program implemented at schools throughout the country as well as internationally.

Strong Fathers Strong Families have a variety of events within their program, but this project will focus on are the single-day short events implemented at schools that are:

  • Bring Your Dad to School Day
  • Subject specific events that occur in the morning before school or evening after school (Math events, Science events, and Reading events)

TXICFW is conducting research with a selection of schools who are planning on implementing Strong Fathers Strong Families programs or who have already implemented programming at schools.

Strong Fathers Strong Families Research Project

Research Activities:

To develop an evaluation plan for this project, TXICFW will conduct the following research activities:

  1. Conduct literature review of father engagement in child’s education
  2. Develop a Logic Model
  3. Conduct interviews with fathers, teachers, school administrators, and PTA leadership representative to understand the impacts of programming, father engagement, and school environment.


Process Evaluation Report:

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