Swetha Nulu, MPH, Director of Project Management

Swetha Nulu Updated Headshot

“It’s exciting to work with staff who are passionate about applying innovative strategies to improve community health.”

Swetha Nulu conducts program evaluation activities, which include study design, data analysis, report writing, and coordination related to child well-being. She has a passion for issues related to health care policy and community health access. Previous research experience includes policy analysis of Affordable Care Act requirements for Texas’ health benefit programs, as well as program evaluation of partner violence programs in migrant farming communities.

Swetha holds a master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane University and has interests in bridging the gap between research and practice to improve community health and wellness. Swetha’s research interests include women’s health access, family planning, and reproductive health, mental health access for children and families, the intersection of health policy/public policy and implementation, and gender-based violence and domestic violence prevention and treatments.

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