Adoption & Permanency

TXICFW believes permanency is a lifelong process. Efforts to ensure successful adoptions should emphasize prevention of disruption and dissolution and properly prepare and support families pre-adoption and early in the adoption or guardianship transition. Adoption services should focus on key risk and protective factors which holistically address conditions that influence placement stability and continuity. We believe successful adoptions are created when services are provided on a continuum that supports the child when they first enter the child welfare system to finalized adoption and guardianship. Learn more about our adoption & permanency work:

Current Projects

Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (TXPOP)

Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (txpop)

Project Overview The Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (TXPOP) develops sustainable best practices utilized by child welfare agencies across Texas to connect children to their birth families, regardless of their permanency… Read more »

Completed Projects

Texas Youth Permanency Study

Texas Youth Permanency Study

The Texas Youth Permanency Study (TYPS) examines the long-term outcomes and opportunities of youth in the Texas Foster Care System. Specifically, the study seeks to understand the quality of relationships… Read more »