Meet Shannon Harris, Our New Operations Coordinator!

Meet the newest addition to the TXICFW team, Shannon Harris! Shannon just recently returned from being abroad in China and will be helping TXICFW run smoothly as our Operations Coordinator. Learn more about Shannon below and at her staff profile page.

Past job/ or work you want to highlight?

I’ve traveled to about 20 countries during my time at an airline, and I’ve worked as a legislative aide in Texas from 2003 – 2006.

What excites you or interests you most about the work you do?

I’m looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of the foster care system from a research perspective, and how the work here translates to better outcomes, especially for teens in foster care.

What is something you hope to achieve in your career?

Someday I’d like to be in a position to teach and train employees in a large organization.  I really enjoy working with adult learners and always seem to be one myself, so I can easily relate to their experiences and needs.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

I like traveling, reading, playing soccer, volunteering, and learning Chinese.  I also enjoy eating all of the delicious food here in Austin.

We are so excited you are here with us Shannon! Welcome to the team!

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