Curriculum Development

As researchers and practitioners TXICFW understands the value of creating thoughtful, comprehensive, and systematic improvements to the existing base of knowledge and practice in the fields of social work and child welfare and beyond. It isn’t enough to conduct and disseminate research; we are committed to applying existing knowledge to create a learning environment which seeks to strengthen ideas and practices that create a safe, inclusive and trauma-informed environment. TXICFW seeks to provide families and organizations with packaged curricula and interventions to help them bolster their physical, social, behavioral and mental wellbeing and promote personal and community resilience.

See our current Curriculum Development projects below:

Current Projects



Girasol strives to help Texas immigrant children and families to heal from trauma through support, education, and connection. Girasol is housed in the Texas Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing at the University of Texas at Austin and works with community partners to support immigrants by providing services to women and children both during and… Read more »

Completed Projects

Supervising from a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Supervising From A Trauma-informed Perspective

This training will build capacity in supervisors in their role as a key component of a service system that uses a trauma-informed perspective. Participants will learn how to draw on their knowledge, experience and expertise of the child welfare environment and the impact of trauma on clients and staff to educate and support staff doing critical work with children who… Read more »

Permanency Conversations with Children

Permanency Conversations With Children

The Permanency Conversations with Children training was developed to increase knowledge & skills that enable caseworkers to have developmentally-appropriate conversations with children about permanency, with the goal of enhancing children’s sense of well-being & safety.   TXICFW developed this training in 2014 for The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.

Visitation Matters

Visitation Matters

This Visitation Matters curriculum is designed to support those providing direct serves to children in placement due to abuse and neglect.  It can successfully support the development of those supervising parent/child visits, private and public foster care development workers, private and public child welfare case managers and caseworker.  This training may also be helpful in educating… Read more »