Tina Adkins, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Tina Adkins is a Research Assistant Professor with the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing and is also the Director of the Sue Fairbanks Psychoanalytic Academy. Dr. Adkins has worked her entire career in the field of child welfare. She began as a Child Protective Services worker and went on to become a counselor and then specialize in attachment and child development. She went to London to learn about cutting edge child welfare interventions and obtained two of her degrees from University College London and the Anna Freud Center. Her dissertation work involved working with central Texas foster parents and creating a practical promising intervention for foster and adoptive parents called “Family Minds”. Dr. Tina Adkins has an MA in Counseling from Texas State University, an MS in Developmental Psychoanalytic Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychoanalytic Studies from University College London (UCL).

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