Research & Evaluation

The staff at TXICFW consists of experienced researchers who have direct practice experience in the field. When asked to perform an evaluation of a program or service, TXICFW’s primary concern is how an evaluation can positively contribute to the community and elicit impactful change. We address this by translating research into practical recommendations that can be used by those directly working with children and families. TXICFW conducts process and outcome evaluations utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure that the full range of contributing factors of a program’s success is captured and considered in future program improvements. The TXICFW team leads every step needed to successfully evaluate including:

  • Research development & design
  • Survey development and administration
  • Data management and analysis
  • Results synthesis and dissemination by creating full reports & briefs, presentations, one pagers, infographics and or video.

A key feature in our research and evaluation services is our commitment to translating our research for a wide audience to ensure accessibility and utility for direct service practitioners, advocates, policymakers, children, parents, and families.

Interested evaluating your program, services, or community initiatives?
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